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[] CANASOTTA TRACT, NY 1833, Madison County. DOCUMENT SIGNED: WILLIAM L. MARCY (As Governor) [Marcy was US Secretary of State (1853-57 under Franklin Pierce) US Secretary of War (1845-49 under James Knox Polk), Governor of New York (1833-39), US Senator, New York (4-Mar-1831 to 1-Jan-1833, resigned), ------> Portrait on American currency]

[] POLITICAL /WHIGS - TAYLOR AND FILMORE ELECTION] TRENTON, NJ August 14, 1848. Lodowick Fosdick Billings, 1849 Harvard Graduate to his College friend, Artemas Ward Lamson. 3pp. Political content regarding the zeitgeist of the upcoming 1848 election.
“..You must excuse me for neglecting to write about Taylor & Fillmore in my last…The Whigs have rec'd. the nomination with coldness. Many declare that they will not support it.
On the other hand, the Democrats are lukewarm in their support of Cass.
They can hardly swallow the nomination, and many bolt outright, then at least they are right.
The Buffalo nomination is also unsatisfactory…Whigs do not like Van Buren. Democrats, displeased with the regular nomination, but not actual barnburners, are disgusted with his fickle course. The result is that many of all parties will not vote at all. I have seen but one hot Taylor Whig. He was noisy enough. He would suit you. My valuable opinion is that Taylor will be the next president, and this opinion is the more valuable because formed against my will, & in the face of testimony and observation.”

[] CIVIL WAR] Tallula, Ills. Sept 15, 1862 – John Worth to Eliza Heath. 4 pp. letter with War content.
“…the government seems determined to let the rebels get the start, and it is not unlikely ere this reaches you, that the rebels will have desolated the densely peopled portions of Pennsylvania, and be in undisputed possession of both the Quaker, and the Garden City…
I hope the rebels will keep Gen. McLellan, where he will not have a chance to murder his men in the trenches of the Chickahominy Swamps, and that his much vaunted "Strategy" may be demonstrated to be to be worth something..."
Letter fully transcribed.

[] CIVIL WAR, MEDICINE] William Goodell (1829 - 1894) August 1863, West Chester, PA. A set of two, full, 4 pp. letters ( penned during the Civil War, one from Physician, Missionary from Turkey (whose father was a significant Missionary, see below) The author of was namesake of the current gynecological term “Goodall’s Sign.” The other letter from his wife. Both Good content. Both letters fully transcribed. At last just three months after my examination. I received my commission as brigade surgeon on a huge square of parchment signed by Abe Lincoln & Edwin Stanton & ratified by the action of the Senate.”
“Had I not three children, & did I not fear that Turkey is to be the theater of bloody war & contentions, I would not hesitate a moment, but return to the East immediately, where my prospects were flattering in the extreme…”

[] LOWELL, MASS, FACTORY GIRLS, EARLY UNION] 1853 Lowell, Mass. Historical Letter discusses the Factory Girls of the famous Lowell Mills, Lowell factory and Lowell in general (the 1853 Lowell Female Labor Reform Association movement) to reduce the hours the Factory Girls had to work to 11 hours.
Small Excerpt:
There is a great amount of talk and excitement here about the Ten hour Rule of labor; I suppose you have heard the Factory Girls have got the eleven hour Rule...
The Job Hands in this shop got a notice from Head Quarters requesting them not to go out to Tea until Bell-Time. It made a great noise, among them and there are but very few now in the Shop would go for 10 hours with whole Souls & Bodies.

Lowell, October 6, 1853 – Charles Lucious Anderson, a worker in the Lowell Machine Shop Factory to Parents LETTER TRANSCRIBED IN FULL.  

[] CIVIL WAR GENERAL/IMPEACHMENT] WILLIAM WORTH BELKNAP, UNION BRIGADIER GENERAL, Later, The only Cabinet secretary ever to have been impeached by the United States House of Representatives. 1876 Autograph Letter Signed, regarding “notes & letters but they are of a character which prevents me parting with them.” “Wm. W. Belknap.

[] [PEMBROKE, NH] PEMBROKE ACADEMY. Ca. 1916. Seven page Manuscript of the “Class History.
“When our second year began on Tuesday, September 8th, 1913th …” Fun little story of the early 19th century class at the Academy.

SAFFORD / STOWE / BARRETT - Local news & Names and some interesting content:
War of 1812 era: “It is thought that the British will take Boston, unless there is sufficient force to prevent them…great exertions are made by the Americans…"
Concord Railroad: “Railroad is now let out and will give work for some of the poor…
Millennialism /Millerites: “This is the day the Millerites were to make their ascension/whether they succeeded or not I am not able to say…”,
THE LIBERATOR, July 20, 1860, published at BOSTON, CIVIL WAR ANTI-SLAVERY NEWSPAPER. Complete/original as issued newspaper of 4 pages, folio. A fine full-sized ANTI-SLAVERY newspaper is filled with the day's events. This issue has a very DECORATIVE and DISPLAYABLE masthead of a SLAVE AUCTION. Good coverage of national and world news but mostly taken up with ANTI-SLAVERY headlines and articles!. UNCOMMON TITLE. This title was published by the famous abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison. An excellent opportunity for the historian, researcher or collector!
Also contained in this issue is a plethora of interesting local, State and National news and unique ads, stories, and opinions that bring past attitudes, values, and beliefs back to life in a way that no other medium can duplicate. 75.00

[] [ANTEBELLUM NEWSPAPERS] KENTUCKY: “Daily Louisville Democrat” Late 1860'S WITH Presidential Election Ticket of Abraham Lincoln / Stephen Douglas, Lot’s of great pre-Civil War news, Talk of secession, Slave-states, etc… Number of issues available. Original & Complete. 18.00 ea.